Rusty Nail Works

Private and Corporate Art by Mark S. Sanders

Mark S. Sanders is a self-taught multi-media artist and sculptor who creates almost exclusively with found and reclaimed objects scavenged from the alleys of his home city of Baltimore.  As an artist for 35 years, Mark has worked in nearly every aspect of creative art, including poetry, music, graphic design, script writing, acting, set building, art directing, and producing events for visual and performance art.  In 2014, he turned his attention solely to 3-D work, and now focuses exclusively on abstract sculpture in metal, wood, concrete and glass.

Photo by Mike Hearse

Mark calls his latest body of work the “Salvage Series.” It is created from very specific abandoned and forgotten things:  plastic toy cars belonging to his brother as a child; 1970s PC boards from his father’s engineering company; burst water pipes and termite-eaten wood recovered from his own apartment as he refurbished it.  He carries a small dog-eared notebook with him wherever he goes, and constantly scrawls notes and sketches for an ever growing list of projects, which he looks forward to never completing.

Mark’s work is available for solo and group shows, private commissions, and for private and corporate showings.

He is represented by Carol Stover, who can be contacted at 410-961-6293 or carol@rustynailworks.com.